• Books for the professional mystery entertainer by Steve Drury

    The following publications have either been produced and designed, or feature guest material by Steve Drury.

    All contain advanced information intended for professional mystery performers and serious students.

    Dark Matters . The Arcane Thaumaturgy of Doctor Jacob Tordoff. Roger Curzon

    Dark Matters. The Arcane Thaumaturgy of Doctor Jacob Tordoff ~ Roger Curzon

    Dark Matters. The Arcane Thaumaturgy of Doctor Jacob Tordoff


    Journey into the arcane world of Doctor Tordoff. A selection of new and updated bizarre magick performances from the repertoire and creative mind of Roger Curzon.


    A dust-cover bound hardback with 135 pages, it features 11 routines of Roger's plus some supporting contributions from Roni Shachnaey, Steve Drury, Kotah, Andrew Normansell and Ashton Carter.


    Foreword by Jim Critchlow

    Design / Editor / Publisher Steve Drury



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    Mystic. Steve Drury. Roni Shachnaey

    Mystic ~ Roni Shachnaey

    Mystic encapsulates a lifetime of Roni's Shachnaey's mentalism and bizarre magick performance knowledge.


    Hardbound, with over 250 pages, it features 40+ effects and ideas from his former professional repertoire plus personal notes on his own approach to Numerology, Tarot and Palm readings. It also includes commendations from close friends, Sheila Lyon, Lior Manor, Guy Bavli and Steve Drury


    Foreword by Docc Hilford

    Author / Editor Steve Drury




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    Emotional Mentalism . Luca Volpe

    Emotional Mentalism 3 ~ Luca Volpe

    After the worldwide success of Emotional Mentalism Vol 1 & 2, Luca Volpe is back with the final volume of the trilogy: Emotional Mentalism Volume 3.

    In this book, Luca Volpe blends mentalism concepts with "magical experiences" in order to create not only wonder but deep connections with participants. You will be able to create a full psychic/mentalism show with only the routines included in this book!
    From the foreword by Richard Osterlind: ..."As the title implies, this collection of material is meant to leave the audience feeling emotional and that something special has occurred to them. That is the key ingredient. The purpose of each effect is to give the participant a touching experience they will not forget. It becomes personal! Every one of these items is a jewel! Every one of them is tried and tested and every one of them will have a marvellous effect on your audience that will make them remember you long into the future"
    Steve Drury is proud to have contributed material to this book too.


    Intimum Sacrarium. Andreu

    Intimum Sacrarium ~ Andreu

    Intimum Sacrarium is a private and exclusive release which contains Andreu's latest impromptu mentalism creations.


    Most of this material can be performed in AAA conditions as it has been designed with the ‘impromptu’ premise in mind; from minimal to zero preparation whatsoever. The material presented herein has been created with the performer in mind, making sure that the effects are not only practical, strong and innovative but also inspiring and entertaining.


    Supporting contributions feature from Steve Drury, Niels Krøjgaard, Christopher Taylor, Primo Blass-Tchang and Cedric Taylor.


    Printing is limited to 200 in hardcover (deluxe edition) and 300 in paperback format. Secure your copy now!