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    Beyond Knowledge contains advanced information intended for

    both mindful self--development as well as psychological performance

    Beyond Knowledge. Steve Drury

    Beyond Knowledge

    Beyond Knowledge is a study into intuition; related techniques and development for performers.


    Hardback with 238 pages, it features forewords by Paul Voodini and Kenton Knepper. Alongside essays, many propless ‘affects’ and techniques are included, also a contextual contribution by Bill Montana. Much content can either be adapted for performance or for use in self-development.


    Forewords by Paul Voodini and Kenton Knepper

    Author / Editor Steve Drury


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    "Steve Drury takes the reader on a compelling and enlightening journey through his studies of "intuition, intuitive development and related techniques." Steve puts out quality work and his releases are always worth a look, so this is certainly recommended for those whose style veers towards this type of material and for those looking for new ideas and techniques to use in their act"

    Jheff Poncher. Marketplace of the Mind


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